23M 2019: una marcia rivoluzionaria

23M 2019: una marcia rivoluzionaria
Il 23 marzo 2019 anche eddyburg si unisce alle migliaia di persone che scenderanno in strada per le vie e le piazze di Roma in una grande Marcia per il clima, contro le grandi opere inutili e per una giustizia ambientale. Ancora una volta sono i movimenti, i comitati, gli abitanti a rivendicare le ragioni per una rivoluzione del sistema, del modello di sviluppo in assenza di una sintesi politica capace di cogliere la svolta radicale necessaria per coniugare la salute, il benessere sociale, la salvaguardia del nostro pianeta terra e delle specie che lo abitano e i diritti umani. (i.b)





lunedì 30 gennaio 2017

Building a wall of ignorance

«Costruire un muro di ignoranza: un titolo appropriato a commento di una delle iniziative improvvisate e irresponsabili del neopresidente americano». NYT, The opinion, 30 gennaio 2017 (m.c.g.)

We’re just over a week into the Trump-Putin regime, and it’s already getting hard to keep track of the disasters. Remember the president’s temper tantrum over his embarrassingly small inauguration crowd? It already seems like ancient history.

But I want to hold on, just for a minute, to the story that dominated the news on Thursday, before it was, er, trumped by the uproar over the refugee ban. As you may recall — or maybe you don’t, with the crazy coming so thick and fast — the White House first seemed to say that it would impose a 20 percent tariff on Mexico, but may have been talking about a tax plan, proposed by Republicans in the House, that would do no such thing; then said that it was just an idea; then dropped the subject, at least for now.

For sheer viciousness, loose talk about tariffs isn’t going to match slamming the door on refugees, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, no less. But the tariff tale nonetheless epitomizes the pattern we’re already seeing in this shambolic administration — a pattern of dysfunction, ignorance, incompetence, and betrayal of trust.

The story seems, like so much that’s happened lately, to have started with President Trump’s insecure ego: People were making fun of him because Mexico will not, as he promised during the campaign, pay for that useless wall along the border. So his spokesman, Sean Spicer, went out and declared that a border tax on Mexican products would, in fact, pay for the wall. So there!

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