giovedì 23 giugno 2016

Due giorni sulle migrazioni

The Refugee crisis: Industries vs Solidarity. Un incontro di due giorni alla Biennale di Architettura, padiglione della Grecia, 25-26 giugno 2016, organizzato dall’associazione degli architetti greci con la collaborazione di eddyburg.

Due sessioni per esplorare i sistemi strutturati attorno a due risposte alternative: gli affari imposti dalle politiche dell’UE e le pratiche di solidarietà e la loro offerta diversi percorsi di inclusione.

Il tema della prima sessione (25 giugno, ore 12) è “Narrazioni alternative della crisi dei rifugiati”. Interverranno Katerina Stavroula, Apostolis Fotiadis, Nikolaos Vasilopoulos, Soha Ben Slama. Coordinano: Dafni Papadopoulou e Maria Sereti.

La seconda sessione (26 giugno, ore 15) sviluppa il tema: “L’Europa come luogo da abitare: connettere l’immigrazione e i luoghi abbandonati”. interverranno: Paolo Dignatici, Edoardo Salzano, Nikolaos Vasilopoulos, Stefano Ferro, Fotini Georgakopoulou, Gianna De Masi, coordineranno e concluderanno Ilaria Boniburini e Filippomaria Pontani.
Di seguito il programma ufficiale.

The Refugee Crisis: Industry vs Solidarity [25-26th June | Greek Pavilion, Giardini]A series of two complementary plenary sessions on the subject of the refugee crisis, aiming to explore the two systems structured around it: the industry created by the imposed EU policies and the solidarity practices offering different ways of inclusion, which also make use of abandoned spaces.

Given the different dimensions and complexity of the topic, as well as the necessity to understand the new spatial conditions of the current crisis, #ThisIsACo-op aims to set the grounds for an interdisciplinary approach on the matter. A dialogue which includes different fields of research and knowledge and invites people with different backgrounds.

Saturday 25th June 2016 | 12.00

Through their research, journalists Katerina Stavroula (The Migrant Files) and Apostolis Fotiadis will unfold how Europe’s immigration policies prioritize emergency measures, thus sustaining a profitable market of surveillance and security systems and reinforcing the defence industry. They will explain how the reluctance of fortress Europe to actively participate in the solution-making process also conceals an intention to exploit the refugee flows and to establish the need for new markets in the countries involved.

Nikolaos Vasilopoulos, member of the Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza in Athens, will offer some useful insights on the existent trajectories and the direct impact of the above mentioned policies on people’s lives.

Sunday 26th June 2016 | 15:00

Edoardo Salzano and Paolo Dignatici will discuss the existent and potential ways to address the refugees’ and migrants’ needs, examining the trajectories of the moving population from their countries of origin to their final destination, if existing. In this inclusion process, the two-fold term of “void” could seem useful: the void seen both as a spatial condition (abandoned buildings or entire areas) and as gaps and lacks in financial and social terms and processes, as well.

Through the paradigm of City Plaza, Nikolaos Vasilopoulos will analyze the potentials of self-managed solidarity structures. Foteini Georgakopoulou, participant of #ThisIsACo-op, will talk about her experience as a member of the NGO Voluntary Work of Athens, working with Kurdish refugees who squatted abandoned houses in the beginning of the '00s, and will attempt to draw a parallel with the current situation.

Stefano Ferro, the spokesman of “Padova Accoglie”, will illustrate the activities of this initiative of solidarity: “Padova Accoglie” runs several participatory socio-economic projects among local communities and migrants in order to offer hospitality to the latter, taking advantage of redundant buildings and the network of associations existing on the provincial territory.

Skype Teleconference with Gianna De Masi, Town Councilor for Cultural, Equal Opportunities, Peace and Migrants Policies of the municipality Rivalta di Torino.

Guest Speakers: Edoardo Salzano, Paolo Dignatici, Stefano Ferro, Fotini Georgakopoulou, Gianna De Masi (via Skype), Nikolaos Vasilopoulos.
Coordinators: Ilaria Boniburini, Dafni Papadopoulou, Filippomaria Pontani, Maria Sereti.

We will post on eddyburg the papers and other products presented at assembly as we will have them.

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